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The Congregation is also committed to:
  • The Evangelization of culture;
  •  Giving priority, among the spheres of pastoral care, “to the poor (Mt.25:35-36), youth, and families”;
  •  The promotion of peace.

Evidently, in most of our Provinces and Delegations (i.e., in various countries), some Oblates work as Formators in the Institute’s own Formation Houses (Seminaries).

Depending on the country where we are present, some Oblates currently undertake other forms of pastoral ministry, either as specific expressions of their ecclesial mission or in addition to the aforementioned forms of apostolate. Such pastoral ministry include, for example:

  • Teaching (in Schools, Seminaries, tertiary institutions);
  • Education: Administration of Schools (Primary, Secondary and Professional); Parish ministry.
  • Management of Sanctuaries and Eucharistic Shrine;
  • Administration of Centres for Spirituality
  • Administration of hostels for university students.

However, for the assumption of any of these ministries and services, much depends not only on the need or demand that arises in the local church, but also on its harmony or conformity with spirit and charism of the Congregation, and on the availability of personnel and other resources. 

In all they do, the Oblates infuse their many varied apostolates with the Lanterian spirit, express love and respect for the people they serve, and promote knowledge and advancement of the culture and society in which they live.  Omnia Ad Maiorem Dei Gloria (All to the Greater Glory of God).


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