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The Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV), is a clerical Religious Institute of Priests and Brothers, was founded in 1816 (in Italy) by Venerable Fr. Pius Bruno Lanteri, and approved by Pope Leo XII on 1st September, 1826.

It is present in Nigeria since 1998 for evangelisation. All the stages of formation of the candidates are done in our Formation Houses in Nigeria. The Postulancy and the Temporary Profession programs are carried out in Ibadan, Oyo state, where our students also undertake academic studies in philosophy and theology. The Novitiate is located at Suleja, Niger State. In Nigeria, the initial formation of the Oblate  candidates in the Seminary lasts, normally, for not less than 9 years.


In our ecclesial mission (Apostolate), attentive to the signs of the times, the Oblates:

  • Attend to the Ministry of the Word, particularly through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises;
  • Promote the ministries of Reconciliation and Mercy and of Spiritual Direction;
  • Contribute to the formation of and fraternal assistance to the Clergy;
  • Spread and sustain  the truths of Faith and Moral values, the patrimony of Revelation and the Magisterium of the Church;
  • Distribute good books and the sound doctrine of the Church through the   instruments of social communications;
  • Foster the Missionary Apostolate;
  • Promote the formation and animation of the Laity.
  • The Congregation is committed also to:
    • The Evangelization of culture;
    •  Giving priority, among the spheres of pastoral care, “to the poor (Mt.25:35-36), youth, and families”;
    •  The promotion of peace.


Our presence in Nigeria, however, has not been without its difficulties and challenges. Recognising the need for growth of the institute and accepting the desire expressed in several quarters, we welcome Catholics and other persons willing and able to associate  and collaborate with our Congregation  by  in some way sharing in her spirituality and  mission. We need help and support in order to realise some of the pastoral projects presented in this  text and overcome the present challenges.

Thus, on the occasion of the  celebrations of Perpetual Religious Professions and Priestly Ordinations  of our members in 2008, and in order to strengthen our presence and mission in Nigeria, we decided to organise ourselves better by forming an association:   The Association of the Families, Friends and Collaborators of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary (AOMV) was launched.  With this Association, we hope to reach out to people who are interested in sharing in or sustaining our spirituality and mission (apostolic charism).  


Who can be a member?  Every Christian person, youth or adult, can be a member of this Association, independent of his/her of social and economic condition and of level of literacy or illiteracy. Parents, youth and even children can contribute, according to his/her ability, to the growth of Oblate vocations and apostolate. To see the section for support or donations, click here.  

The organization of the first  group of  the Associates, Friends and Collaborators of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary (AOMV)  in Nigeria began in  Warri & Benin region with the meetings in 16-18 July 2009, with the generous  assistance  of Mrs Mary-Angela  Momoh  as the Lay Coordinator and who effectively facilitated  contacts with many of the members and benefactors, in collaboration with the then priest-Director  of  the AOMV.   Today, the AOMV are  organized also in Abuja Archdiocese(2014),  thanks to the  efforts of Fr.  Paul Ubebe, OMV,   and  in Ibadan Archdiocese(St. Anthony’s parish, 2015) as a result of efforts of  the Fr. John Idio, OMV, and  of their respective  co-operators.  Since  Associates and friends  of the Oblates are individually present, albeit scattered,  in some (Arch)dioceses   -- where   Oblates  either have communities, or  with which some  Oblate confreres are  quite familiar,  or where they periodically visit  because of ministry --,  we  hope that it will be possible soon to re-organize or reactivate, and  establish  more  groups of AOMV in the (Arch)dioceses.     

Responsibilities of Members

  • Members will pray regularly for vocations and for the success of Oblate Apostolates;
  • Members will be welcome to participate  as  much as possible, in the celebrations  of the Communities of the Oblate Priests and Brothers;
  • Promote devotion to  Our Lady in their own environment;
  • Members may make financial contribution or donation, in cash or  kind, towards the sustenance and success of the Oblate vocations and apostolates, either monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly;  
  • Like members of one family, the members of the Association may offer suggestions for the development and growth of this Association.
  • Invite and encourage family members, friends and colleagues to join the AOMV.


-          All  our  Associates will be placed into communication through our pledge of prayers and of the  Holy Masses,  said  monthly for the intention of all living  members, and  for the repose of the departed members;

-          A member shares in  a spiritual way  in the apostolates of priests he/she has helped to train, or sustained in his  mission.

-          Periodically,  retreats will be organized for interested members;

-          Members are offered opportunity to share in the spiritual life and missionary apostolates  of the Oblates.

-          If duly informed, Oblate priests could be present at special religious events organized by  members of the Association  in their Diocese; and assist  by facilitating  the consecration to the Sacred  Heart of Jesus, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary;

-          Registered Members going on pilgrimages or  other religious purposes  in areas where Oblate communities are present may visit an Oblate community, on advance notice to the Rector of the Community and for an approved period of time according to the  conditions and possibilities of the   welcoming Community concerned.

-          We will periodically communicate with our associate members through a Newsletter. We open our small and simple periodical to your communications: You may send in prayer intentions, short reflections, important news and other short communications relating to the association and to the Oblate spirituality, charism and apostolates.


If you wish to join us today, please click here.




Ibadan Zone:

Fr. Victor Chuks Nwabueze, OMV
Lanteri Oblate Seminary 
P.O. Box 7752 Secretariat P.O.,
Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA
Zip Code: 200001
Phone: +234 - 08069292924


Abuja Zone:    

Fr. Paul Etafo Ubebe, OMV
St. Mary’s Catholic Church,
Lugbe,  Abuja (FCT), NIGERIA
Phone: 08039141339.


WE APPEAL, to all members of this Association, -- families, friends and collaborators --, in the spirit of family sharing and solidarity, to occasionally send in a small donation for the Seminary training of young candidates  for religious life and priesthood,  and to support  the various apostolates of the Oblate Fathers and Brothers  in the service of the church and society. The contribution in cash or kind, of any amount, may be sent on regular intervals, for example, monthly or bimonthly, and in whatever currency to the address indicated below. This seems to be one good way to unite ourselves in an organised way, facilitate communication and create a way for the family members, friends and collaborators of the Oblates to support our religious Community and its apostolic mission.

 All correspondence may be sent to our postal address below, or the e-mail address; or   Any contribution or donation may be sent to the same postal address, or deposited into Fidelity Bank account: Account name:  Lanteri Oblate Seminary,  Account No.: 4150022706 

For donations in kind or for more information about the works of the Lanteri Oblate Seminary, please contact the Rector, Lanteri Oblate Seminary through the details below:

The Director of Promotions,
Lanteri Oblate Seminary, 
P.O. Box 7752 Secretariat P.O.,
Zip Code: 200001
Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA
Phone: 08113987211




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