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Serving the Truth


 “They will therefore obtain by means of  appropriate and tranquil reasoning to disillusion the seduced and protect the others, always exercising the zeal for  truth in a spirit of charity, in accordance with St. Paul: living the truth in love (Ephesians 4, 15); and,  following the example of St. Francis de Sales, by trying to earn first the heart before the mind, with making people love the truth itself that one defends and teaches" 

 “The same charity will also be the only bond that will bind them to each other, therefore they will pray to be all cor unum, et anima una (Acts 4,31).”

(Ven.  Lanteri)

Rooted in the Gospel and in the Teachings of the Church,  the  Oblate Spirituality  is apostolic and  missionary,  it is animated by and aims at the service of the Truth,  which the Oblates seek, live, proclaim and defend.  “The Oblates, heirs of the spirit of Fr. Lanteri, are aware of the great good that can be done by entering into the heart of the society and the Church of today -- where various currents of thought are present influencing the way people orient their lives -- in order to sustain and promulgate the patrimony of Revelation as it is taught by the Magisterium of the Church.   Faithful to the Magisterium and with pastoral charity "they will endeavour to draw men to the truth by winning the heart before the mind, and by making the truth loved, which they teach."  “The  Oblates, mindful of the signs of the times (...)  make known and sustain, with suitable methods, the truths of faith and moral values, which are the patrimony of Revelation and the Magisterium of the Church, opposing current errors in faith and morals.”

According the spirit of Father Lanteri, who was full of zeal for the salvation of souls and in proclaiming and defending the truth threatened by the errors of his time, the Oblates are engaged in knowing the world of today and its most urgent questions, open to its needs and aspirations, witnessing by prayer and action to the efficacy of the Good News of love, justice, and peace.

 The proper ecclesial mission of the Oblates requires a thorough and updated knowledge as much as of the truth which they proclaim, as of the erroneous doctrines to which they are opposed.  For this reason the Oblates make study and composition one of their principal duties, and they devote to them all the moments free from prayer and works of charity.

They constantly preoccupy themselves with knowing well the teachings of the universal and local Magisterium of the Church. 

 “In the service of the truth, the communities should collaborate in every way for the spread of good printed matter.  They should take care that the local library is kept up to date and make it available for whomever may need it.  They should support cultural organisms and institutions, as well as the undertakings of the Congregation by supporting and promoting those publications belonging to it.“

  (Directory of  Lanteri,  Part.II, Arts.3 and 5; Const. Arts.5c,  Norms :3-4; Arts. 40 and 42)

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