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Lanterian Encounter

The Lanterian Encounter is an annual meeting open to the clergy, seminarians, religious women and men, and the laity for formation on a chosen theme. Generally, it focuses on current, topical and/or important aspects of:

- the life and teachings of the Founder, Ven. Fr. Pius Bruno Lanteri;

- the life, charism and mission of Congregation;

- the life, teachings, and mission of the Catholic Church today;

- and/or contemporary issues and problems in the society, in the light of the spirit and mission of the Congregation and the teachings of the Church.


The chosen topic on the Founder and/or on the Congregation OMV would normally be treated possibly in relation to or in the context of the Church and of the societies in Africa.


The Lanterian Encounter is organized by the Formation Team. It is held twice a year, one in each semester. Usually, for each edition, there is a general theme and its sub-themes. In addition to some Oblates, some competent persons are invited to present papers on particular topics concerning their area of expertise.


The four aims of the “Lanterian Encounter” are to:

  1. Seek ever greater conformity to the Lord, to develop a dynamic fidelity to our mission, to complete openness to God’s inspiration and to the church’s discernment, to Fr. Lanteri’s intuitions and historic undertakings, and to human person especially in Africa, in the light of the Gospel and Church’s teachings and of authentic values and traditions of African culture;
  2. Promote the animation and formation of the lay persons;
  3. Encourage, spread and advance a critical study and knowledge, and a sincere love and the following of the Founder, Ven. Fr. Pius Lanteri, the Co-Founder John Reynaudi, and the Congregation OMV, in a way that is pertinent and relevant, meaningful and credible for our people;
  4. Contribute towards the on-going Christian education of the people (laity, clergy, religious), strengthen mutual relation, and promote “new experiences of communion and cooperation” between OMV and the laity and clergy (Cf. John Paul II, Consecrated Life, nn.54-56).


Consequently, the Lanterian Encounter encourages exchange of information and experiences, dialogue and collaboration.


The Lanterian Encounter has four characteristic aspects, which each of its celebration endeavours to reflect and promote. The Lanterian Encounter is:

  1. a Spiritual Encounter (Moments of prayers),
  2. a Cultural and intellectual encounter (Conferences, workshops, discussions…),
  3. a Fraternal meeting and sharing of experiences and ideas,
  4. 4.      for the advancement of the holistic Christian formation and pastoral commitment of persons in African context, particularly in Nigeria.


The  editions of the Lanterian Encounter held so far, had the following general themes:

1st 8-9 March 2005: Anthropological Vision of Fr. Lanteri: Its Relevance And Challenges in a Pluralistic Nigerian Society Today;

2nd  14-15 October 2005: Love for the Church and Reconciliation;

3rd 10-11 March 2006: The Eucharist in our Lives according to the Venerable Fr. Pius Bruno Lanteri;

4th  November 10-11, 2006: The Place Of Mary in the Church.

5th February 22-28, 2007: Marian Spirituality in Ven. Fr. Pius Bruno Lanteri;

6th  2-3 November, 2007: Christian Attitude Towards Courtship, Marriage and the Family: The Challenges,The Rights, And Spirituality of the Family.

7th 11-12 April, 2008: The Use of Communications Media For Christian Formation And Evangelization in Nigeria Today.

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