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Word and Life Seminar

On May 21, 2024, a captivating seminar on Emotional Intelligence (EI) was held at the Lanteri Oblate Seminary, Ibadan. The seminar, titled “Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management; A Pathway to Authentic Brotherhood and Community Living” was organized by the seminary and the seminar was delivered by Fr. Kingsley Kizito Okereke, ISCH, a renowned psychologist and EI expert.

Fr. Kingsley Kizito Okereke, ISCH, the guest speaker, delivered an insightful presentation that addresses the ways one could deal with emotions which includes; getting in touch with the emotion, identifying the emotion, speaking about the emotion and doing something that makes one happy. Also, on the area of conflict management, the speaker [Fr. Kingsley, ISCH] highlighted some conflict management skills, namely raise the issue early, manage your emotions, show empathy, practice active listening, and acknowledge criticism. 

The seminar concluded with a lively Q&A session where seminarians had the opportunity to ask some questions. Topics ranged from managing our emotions to the basic principles of conflict management. The guest speaker explained how these components interconnect to form a framework that enhances one’s ability to navigate complex social environments, manage stress, and build meaningful relationships.

Emmanuel Nwokoye, OMV gave the closing remark, he thanked the speaker and the seminarians for their active participation and contributions.


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