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Age limit: 17-25 years. A holder of a first-degree or equivalent certificate or of a professional qualification must, normally,  not be above 30 years of age.

* Certificates of Baptism and Confirmation. 

Academic Qualifications: Candidate for the Priesthood  must have SSCE/WAEC, GCE results of at least six (06) credits ( in one sitting), including English and Mathematics; to be a Brother, the applicant  must have SSCE/ GCE results of at least five (05) credits, including English and Mathematics,    NCE, OND/HND;  a Degree or a Professional Qualification from a university or other tertiary institution.

 All  applicants must undertake the JAMB Examinations at the appropriate times. This should take place  in the same calendar year,   before  the October,  in which they intend to enter the Seminary.  For the JAMB exams,  at least the first choice and, if possible, the second choice  of  the candidate  should be the “University of Ibadan”(U.I)  in  Ibadan, Oyo State; the course is: Philosophy.     Applicants concerned are required to immediately notify the Vocations Director about the released result of their  JAMB exams, using the address below.  NB: Applicants who already possess a first university degree (e.g., B.A, or B.SC.) in any area of studies, including  Philosophy, need not  re-sit for the JAMB, but may be required to  apply  for the direct entry into the university .  


Testimonials: Letter or reference from Parish Priest or another Catholic Priest (that knows you well); a  testimonial from your last School Principal or Employer.

Personal Qualities: The personal qualities looked for includeright intention; moral integrity; spirit of prayer; good health; joy and zeal to live the spirit and mission of Oblates as a Priest or a Brother; outgoing and generous dispositions; strong faith; love of Jesus Christ; closeness to the Church (especially through the Holy Eucharist); love of people; experience in Parish society and in apostolic  activities or in an ecclesial association; ability to live and serve the Oblate mission in a family-like community; leadership qualities and willingness to face difficult challenges. A  candidate  for Brotherhood, preferably, must also have  shown some professional skills and competence in some specific areas so that he is able to make his living. 

*  Recent  Health  Certificate.


Any Application Letter, together with other  information and documents required, must also: 


1) Be accompanied by:  
 a short (1-2pp) autobiography of the applicant;
a stamped self-addressed envelope;
your passport photograph, with  the  name  at its back.


2) Indicate the applicant’s or inquirer’s reliable and clearly written current Telephone numberse-mail address, and postal address for contact.
3) Provide information about the Religious  Congregation (Order or Society), or the Diocesan Major Seminary  of which the applicant was or  is a member (e.g. give the name, telephone  number, and address of the Rector of the Formation House or Seminary,  and of another priest there for   contact), if applicable.


In order to be considered for the following  School Session(or Academic Year)  which begins in October,  the aspirant’s Letter of Application - together with  the required complete documentation -  must  reach us before and not later than November 30th,   such that he can sit for  the required JAMB Exams.  (For example, if you wish to be admitted into the Seminary for the School  Session that begins in October 2016, your letter of Application must reach the Vocations Director not later than November, 2015). A Letter of  Application that arrives  after that date, i.e., after the JAMB exams,  or otherwise during or after the periods of interviews, therefore,  may not be accepted for consideration   regarding   admission  into Seminary during the   School Session  that starts the following  month of October.    

The candidates  who will be invited for interviews will cater for their own traveling expenses. They may be required, if and when necessary,  to financially contribute  towards their own sustenance (i.e., the room and board) during the stay for interviews.           


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For further information, or application, please write to:

The Vocations Director,

P. O. Box  7752, Secretariat P.O.,  

Zip Code: 200001

Ibadan, Oyo State    


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