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Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV)
 Mariam Cogita,  Mariam Invoca
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The MOTTO of the  Oblates of the Virgin Mary is:

 Mariam Cogita, Mariam Invoca (IN ALL THINGS, THINK AND CALL ON MARY)


An  inspiration  for  the  Motto:


From the Homilies of Saint Bernard, abbot, on the Praises of the Virgin Mother (Hom. 2, 17, 1-33: SCh 390, 1993, 168-170). Reported from:


Sept.12: Memoria of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

Office of Readings,

Second Reading





'And the Virgin’s name was Mary' (Luke 1:21). Let us speak a little about this name, which signifies star of the sea, and which so well befits the Virgin Mother. Rightly is she likened to a star: for as a star emits its ray without being dimmed so the Virgin brought forth her Son without receiving any injury; the ray takes nothing from the brightness of the star, nor the Son from His Mother’s integrity. This the noble star risen out of Jacob, whose ray illumines the whole world, whose splendour shines in the heavens, penetrates the abyss, and, traversing the whole earth, gives warmth rather to souls than to bodies, cherishing virtues, withering vices. Mary, I say, is that bright and incomparable star, whom we need to see raised above this vast sea, shining by her merits, and giving us light by her example.

Oh, whoever you are that sees yourself, amid the tides of this world, tossed about by storms and tempests rather than walking on the land, turn not your eyes away from the shining of this star if you wish not be overwhelmed by the hurricane! If squalls of temptations arise, or you fall upon the rocks of tribulation, look to the star, call upon Mary. If you are tossed by the waves of pride or ambition, detraction or envy, look to the star, call upon Mary. If anger or avarice or the desires of the flesh dash against the ship of your soul, turn your eyes towards Mary. If, troubled by the enormity of your crimes, ashamed of your guilty conscience, terrified by dread of the judgment, you begin to sink into the gulf of sadness or the abyss of despair, think of Mary.

In dangers, in anguish, in doubt, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let her be ever on your lips, ever in thy heart; and the better to obtain the help of her prayers, imitate the example of her life. Following her, you will not stray; invoking her, you will not despair; thinking of her, you will not wander; upheld by her, you will not fall; shielded by her, you will not fear; guided by her, you will not grow weary; favoured by her, you will reach the goal. And thus will you experience in yourself how good is that saying: 'And the Virgin’s name was Mary.'

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