Nigeria Delegation of the
Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV)
 Mariam Cogita,  Mariam Invoca
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The Congregation is pastorally present in the Church today by means of some specific forms of apostolates, which are carried out also in works that become like their incarnation. The Oblate, like his Founder, is not a generic apostle but a man who feels called to respond to some specific needs in the Church and in the world today. By means of these scopes the Oblates, faithful to their Founder, endeavour to render qualified the clergy and the laity to be leaven of evangelization in their own spheres of life.

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary, like all religious, have a special apostolate consisting of various ministerial works. By means of these works, Oblates promote renewal and advancement of spirituality in today’s world. The apostolates are: The Ministry of the Word especially through the Spiritual Exercises; Reconciliation and Mercy and of Spiritual Direction ; the Formation of the Clergy; Propagation of the Truth against Current Errors; Social Communications; the Missions; and Formation of the Laity. Common to all Oblates, whichever may be the area of apostolate in which they are engaged, is the effort to reach a serious spiritual, intellectual and pastoral competence.

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