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 “Without the inward spirit we will never do anything. There must be Fire! Fire! Fire! An intense love for God!”

Ven. Lanteri

 Working toward a rebirth of spirituality in today’s world,  the Oblates of the Virgin Mary pay close attention to the signs of the times (Luke 12:56). With an ardent and intelligent apostolic consciousness, they dedicate themselves to the evangelization of the culture, especially through the media, to the promotion of life, justice and peace, and to the evangelization that happens deep within each person. They make every effort to contribute to the formation and support of priests, the animation and formation of the laity, to parish work, and missionary efforts in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France,  Nigeria, the Philippines, and the USA. 

 “Through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, the life of consecrated persons becomes a prophetic witness. Hence they can be examples in the area of reconciliation, justice and peace, even in circumstances marked by great tension. Community life shows us that it is possible to live as brothers and sisters, and to be united even when coming from different ethnic or racial backgrounds (cf. Ps 133:1). It can and must enable people to see and believe that today in Africa, those men and women who follow Christ Jesus find in him the secret of living happily together: mutual love and fraternal communion, strengthened daily by the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours.” (Benedict XVI, Africae Munus, n.117)

“The Oblates take care to faithfully conserve the mission and the works of the Institute.  However, in harmony with the directives of the Church, attentive to the needs of the times and of places, they will adapt their apostolate with prudence to diverse circumstances, even by adopting new and opportune means.” (Const. Art.40)

In all they do, the Oblates infuse their many varied apostolates with the Lanterian spirit, express love and respect for the people they serve, and promote knowledge and advancement of the culture and society in which they live.  Omnia Ad Maiorem Dei Gloria (All to the Greater Glory of God).

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