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It was 18th November, 2018, that was the Novitiate free day. On our way to the cinema we decided to eat something. The question of a suitable restaurant made us drive around for few minutes in Gwarinpa, Abuja and we finally came to ‘Ojuelegba’. It was a simple food joint yet popular. The personalities and cars packed around were quite much more than the restaurant could contain.  The customers included all kinds of persons: rich and poor, male and female. But what baffled me was that it was so real, so authentic. Most people ate with their hands, even ladies and the rich. At last, I saw humans, real people, everyone put aside their titles; rich and poor, male and female shared table; it was Africa. And I said “behold the brotherhood we lost.”  OJUELEGBA! Popularity or fame from the look of things was not based on its beauty or location. Aesthetically and in terms of its location Ojuelegba cannot size up to the mega restaurants in the capital city.  But its fame and popularity comes from the fact that it’s a place for all where the rich and poor share tables. Everyone is a V.I.P. The food was affordable and delicious.

Pondering on the scene, and everything about Ojuelegba I likened it to what Prophet Isaiah spoke off in Isaiah chapter 55:1,“come of all of you who are thirsty and hungry, you who have no money, come, buy grain and eat…why spend your money for what is not real.” Again, reflecting on how the rich and poor share table, with the poor eating the same food as the rich because it was affordable and cheaper at Ojuelegba, I immediately saw the Table of the Eucharist where Christ offers himself for all: the rich and the poor partake from one chalice, and everyone is a firstborn son and a daughter of Zion!

More so, at the heart of our conferences and reflections this month is the ‘Liturgy’. In these days particular attention was given to the liturgy of the hours. It is a prayer of praise and supplication.  It is the prayer of the Church with Christ and to Christ.  The liturgy of the hours sanctifies the day and our activities. It consecrates the course of day and night. This particular message struck me about this beautiful form of prayer done by the Church.



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